I live in a small town near Frankfurt.

Since 2007 I have been photographing digitally.

With my cameras (currently Fuji, Sigma and Canon), I explore my homearea, whenever I have the time and inclination to do so. Sometimes I regret that I have no camera with me, because just a fantastic light is there.

The light is the nuts and bolts of the whole affair. I normally use the available light. My studio is the given space, the street, the landscape, the park and so on. My models are the existing objects in the space. They stand there completely relaxed. They are such as they are, they are authentic.

Sometimes people walk into the scene or are already part of it. Then I look at them also as objects.

I try to bring the objects in the space in an interesting tension with each other and map them so that they come across beneficial. This I owe them.

Photography is finally an aesthetic medium, so it comes to beauty, and thus also to love. Each object is adorable in its own way. Who has understood this, gets a different sense of life.

With photography, I try to create a more intense relationship with the environment. If this is clearly in a shot, its succeeded.





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